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Welcome to the “W” Pro Shop, our offical sponser is Tecnifiber!

We offer Racquet & Stringing services

You can purshace Tennis Balls, Grips, Snack, and Drinks

Otis Johnson , Director


Listed below are the strings that we carry. This is our impression of how these play. Hoping that this helps you pick a string that is right for you. Labor fee of $15.00, Your Own String is free of charge!

  • Tecnifiber Synthetic Gut: A central monofiber core provides excellent durability. Single wrap provides all around performance. Polyamide coating limits friction and increases durabilty. GAUGE 16
  • Techifiber Black Code: Co Poly String and features Thermocore technology. It offers a Pentagonal profile for good bite on the ball resulting in better spin. This string has minimal tenison loss while offering an extremely soft feel. GAUGE 16
  • Tecnifiber NRG 2: Gold: A premium quality multifalment synthtic string. The benifits of the Silicon Pyrogene are complemented with lasting feel and comfort providing continued performance for the player. Excellen touch and feel! GAUGE 16
  • Tecnifiber NRG 2 Black: Delivers world class comfort, playablilty and vibration dampening. The remarkable feel, at once comfortable and crisp. Poweful Elastyl fibers and coating, Used as a full set or a hybird cross. GAUGE 16



We carry a wide range of Adult & Junior Tecnifiber racquets. We can order a racquet and/or any other accessories from Techifiber. Shipped to our pro shop within a week. Please call the Pro Shop to order yours today! 561-487-9390.


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